Seven Days in Hokkaido
Seven Days in Hokkaido Kanazawa Kamikouchi ㍂n Norikura Kougen ƍ Matsumoto {


Seven Days in Hokkaido

The decision to visit Hokkaido was pretty impulsive. Since April I have been working for an Internet company while stilling attending to my duties in a foreign investment firm. For last few months my days were divided into 3 sections: morning - Investment firm; afternoon - Internet startup; evening - Self study. I was fully motivated and was cranking like a full speed engine for a while, but gradually reality set in. I started to wonder why my effort wasn't paying off, whether I was on the right track, and exactly what I was looking for. I thought of taking a few days off to take my mind away from work, but realizing the seriousness of my trouble, I decided to take about two weeks. The northern island sounded like a nice place to cool off.

All I had was a return ticket back to Tokyo when I hopped on the airplane to Hokkaido, and I didn't know most of the following places that I eventually set foot on. I just lived one day at a time, and let the trip take me to wherever it went.

Day 1. Sapporo Dy

Day 2. Otaru M

Day 3. Niseko jZR

Day 4. Shirogane Onsen

Day 5. Biei l

Day 6. Yunokawa Onsen ̐쉷

Day 7. Hakodate