A walk along one of the hiking trail in Norikura Kougen.  It seems silly to take so many pictures with basically the same object: trees, but each tree has its own style and I can never see enough of them.

woods_tree_1.jpg (40960 bytes)  woods_tree_2.jpg (40960 bytes)  woods_tree_3.jpg (40960 bytes)  woods_tree_4.jpg (40960 bytes)

It would be boring without the streams running along the woods.

woods_stream_1.jpg (85540 bytes)  trail_stream_2.jpg (40960 bytes)

Guess what I found by tracing up along the stream:

fall_5ro_pond_1.jpg (47515 bytes)  fall_5ro_pond_2.jpg (43429 bytes)  fall_5ro_clear.jpg (48051 bytes)  fall_5ro_down_2.jpg (33744 bytes)

and a bit futher up:

fall_5ro_real_1.jpg (36254 bytes)  fall_5ro_expl.jpg (40960 bytes)  fall_5ro_real_pond.jpg (42620 bytes)  fall_5ro_real_rock.jpg (37176 bytes)

Just want to let you know that I don't mind getting really close:

fall_5ro_real_close.jpg (36076 bytes)  fall_5ro_real_very_close.jpg (24027 bytes)

It was all pretty boring on the way back, but I managed to snap some interesting object.

trail_broken_bridge.jpg (43329 bytes)  funny_leaf.jpg (44132 bytes)  leaf_2.jpg (40960 bytes)   leaf_3.jpg (46399 bytes)   pine_leaf.jpg (40960 bytes)  pine_tree.jpg (40960 bytes)